Committee Composition

Our Board of Directors has eight directors and has determined that seven are independent under Nasdaq rules. Our Board has established the following three standing committees: (1) Audit, (2) Compensation and (3) Nominating and Corporate Governance. The membership of each committee is described below.

Audit Committee
  • Neville L. Rhone, Jr. (Chair)
  • Laurie L. Dotter
  • James C. Leslie
  • Michael D. Madden

Compensation Committee
  • James E. Joseph (Chair)
  • Laurie L. Dotter
  • Kate B. Henriksen
  • Michael D. Madden

Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee
  • Kate B. Henriksen (Chair)
  • James E. Joseph
  • Neville L. Rhone, Jr.


Our independent directors have chosen James E. Joseph to serve as our lead independent director.

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